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Invisalign® Dentist vs Orthodontist: Does It Matter?

Who should you choose for you Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign® has become the #1 patient-requested way to straighten teeth.

Today, most dentists and orthodontists offer Invisalign® treatment. Does it matter which you use for your treatment?

Let’s find out!

But first, let’s talk a little bit about Invisalign® treatment.

What is Invisalign®?

As we mentioned earlier, Invisalign® is an extremely popular orthodontic treatment. It straightens teeth utilizing a series of clear, progressive aligner trays, which gently and gradually move teeth into their proper position.

What are some of the advantages of Invisalign®?

Here are a few perks our patients appreciate:

  • Virtually invisible – the aligners trays are made of a clear polymer that won’t draw attention to your orthodontic treatment.
  • Comfortable to wear – the thermal plastic trays are designed to fit your smile. No pokey and irritating metal wires to deal with.
  • Removable – You can take out the trays to eat and brush your teeth or temporarily for a special occasion.

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But aren’t orthodontists specialists in orthodontic care? Wouldn’t that make them the best choice for Invisalign® treatment?

Not necessarily!

Here’s why.

Invisalign® Dentist vs. Orthodontist: Which one should you choose?

The answer to this question is less about a dentist’s specialty and more about his/her experience.

Invisalign® is unique among orthodontic treatments because unlike traditional braces that must be modified and fitted manually, Invisalign’s® aligner trays are created by their manufacturer.

Digital impressions are taken of your teeth by Dr. Madhavan and sent to the Invisalign® manufacturing team. They create a series of aligners with their proprietary equipment explicitly designed for Invisalign®.

The completed set of aligners are returned to our dental office in Sammamish, WA, and Dr. Madhavan oversees the rest of your treatment with Invisalign® until the desired result is achieved.

Having your dentist rather than an orthodontic specialist handle your Invisalign® treatment offers you some real advantages, such as:

  • Your treatment costs less than it would with a specialist
  • You save money by not seeing both a general dentist and an orthodontist
  • Your treatment is done by a dentist and team who you know and trust

You get the same great result as you would with an orthodontic specialist, without all the extra hassle and expenses!

With Invisalign®, the best results will come from a dentist who is experienced and highly-trained in cosmetic dentistry.

Is Dr. Madhavan highly trained?

Let’s see.

Let a Dental Expert Straighten Your Smile!

Profile photo of Invisalign dentist, Dr. Asha MadhavanDr. Asha Madhavan is a graduate of one of the best dental schools in the country, the UCLA School of Dentistry. She has more than 10 years of experience practicing at high-end family dental practices in both California and Washington.

Dr. Madhavan is an experienced Invisalign® dentist with proven results. She is also a great listener; she gets YOU.

Having a dentist who truly cares about you, your health, and your desires are priceless!

Have you been thinking for a while about trying Invisalign® but are letting questions and uncertainty hold you back?

We understand!

That’s why our practice offers a complimentary Invisalign® consultation for those considering this easy, fast, and effective treatment.

What’s included in your consultation?

  • An oral examination
  • Necessary x-rays and intra-oral photos
  • Consultation with Dr. Madhavan about your options
  • Get all of your questions will be answered
  • A written treatment plan

Why wait any longer? You’ve got nothing to lose by taking advantage of our complimentary consultation. Book your consultation today!

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