Meet Our Friendly Sammamish Dental Office Team

Your Sammamish dental team is eager to help!

Patient Coordinators

Alexandra McDonald, one of our patient coordinators

Alexandra McDonald
Patient Coordinator

Anita Gaddy, one of our patient coordinators

Anita Gaddy
Patient Coordinator

Insurance & Billing Specialists

Headshot of Judy Hansen, our insurance coordinator


Judy Hansen
Insurance & Billing Specialist

Dental Assistants

Jeet, our lead dental assistant

Lead Dental Assistant
Jyl Stanford, one of our dental assistants

Jyl Stanford
Dental Assistant


Debbie Britten, one of our dental hygienists

Debbie Britten
Dental Hygienist

Regina Angel, one of our dental hygienists

Regina Angel
Dental Hygienist

Associate Dentists & Specialists

Dr. Tom Wei, our endodontist in Sammamish

Dr. Tom Wei

Dr. Meisam Nejad, our associate dentist

Dr. Meisam Nejad
Associate Dentist

Dr. Sengupta, our associate periodontist

Dr. Sengupta
  • Dr. Madhavan standing in front of her logo
  • A dental suite at the office of Dr. Madhavan
  • The exterior of the office of Dr. Asha Madhavan
  • Dr. Madhavan and her dental team
  • Dr. Madhavan and team member performing treatment on patient laying on dental chair.
  • Dr. Madhavan and her dental team of Sammamish Village Family Dentistry
  • Exterior of Dr. Madhavan's office in Sammamish, WA
  • The front office of Dr. Madhavan's practice in Sammamish, WA