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Dr. Asha Madhavan: A Breath of Fresh Air to Sammamish, WA, Dentistry

Dr. Madhavan happily taking care of a patient

Our Dr. Asha Madhavan was recently interviewed by the prestigious magazine Americas Women Magazine—Seattle Edition.

In the interview, Dr. Madhavan shared many details about her journey and her choices within dentistry.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on her interview and see what makes her so unique as a dentist and what type of care you can expect at her practice.

In today’s world, practitioners are often quick to visit with you and scoot you out the door to see the next patient.

Being busy leads to less personalized care, and patients are often left with questions.

But Dr. Asha MadhavanThis link leads to Doctor’s page is a breath of fresh air to Sammamish, WA.

As she notes, she was only nine when she decided her dream was to become a doctor.

Today, she’s still showing this was indeed her calling by getting to know each person who walks through the door as more than a patient.

The driving force behind Dr. Madhavan’s decision to become a dentist

First, taking care of patients was a dream of Dr. Madhavan’s from a young age.

For one, in the piece, she cited how she enjoyed being in nature, which partially influenced her decision.

Secondly, she listened to and read stories about doctors and their lives and work. Their empathy inspired her; she was only nine years old then.

A unique approach to dental care

As noted in the 2009 article, Dr. Madhavan made her dream a reality and began practicing dentistry. She states how she used the co-discovery model since the beginning of her career. This is an approach focused on the patient expressing ideas.

In a dental setting, the dentist guides the conversation with patient education. Together, the two create a treatment plan.

At the time, she and the patient would sit down together and speak about the patient’s oral health.

Together, she and the patient would celebrate any wins. They’d discuss the patients’ concerns as well as hers. She would also voice any prospective issues if treatment weren’t conducted.

She and her patient would also discuss treatment options with the potential outcomes.

Today, she still uses this as the bread and butter, if you will, of her philosophy.

She’s taken this approach to a new level over time, though. As she evolved as a dentist, so did her approach.

However, her desire to work with the patient has remained static. Indeed, she wants to get to know them and their wants, needs, and goals.

And it’s noteworthy that even her training consisted of diverse experiences. Rather than aiming for profit only immediately after college, she focused on experience.

She wanted to gain firsthand knowledge from various dentists and accomplished that by working in diverse settings.

Her approach offers a refreshing change in dentistry. This is particularly the case for those in Sammamish and the surrounding regions.

Emphasizing the benefits of good oral health

As stated in her interview, routine dental care is paramount to Dr. Madhavan.

Poor self-esteem and oral health issues have a connection, she says. She highlights bad breath and teeth positioning are two common problems affecting self-confidence.

Dr. Madhavan also mentioned how gum disease leads to early tooth loss. It also has a link to systemic diseases and can change your bite and interfere with your ability to chew.

And we can’t forget to note she made it a point to mention how oral cancer screenings save lives through early detection.

Part of her interview also included how starting dental care at an early age is vital. She urges parents to bring their children in within six months of the first tooth emerging.

How Dr. Madhavan’s team is changing dental care

Dr. Madhavan standing with her team

As she revealed to Americas Women Magazine, Dr. Madhavan couldn’t underscore enough that her team makes all the difference in dental care.

She stated she has a great team that works with patients. They handle all patients’ needs, including scheduling and beyond.

She also emphasized how the co-discovery technique sets the practice and uses advanced equipment to provide the highest results.

Part of delivering those high levels of results, she added, is that the entire team stays up to date with the latest information. This is another way the team works toward getting patients to seek routine dental care.

She mentioned how she and her team are bridging the gap that causes patients to miss out on dental care.

A little more into Dr. Madhavan’s character

Let’s take a moment to look at who Dr. Madhavan is as a person, not just a dentist. That is what a large portion of the interview was about.

Early out of school, she worked at a community dental center, where she developed a love for this country. She saw how social benefits provided access to dental care to those who otherwise may have gone without.

She also worked with foster children.

This experience made a lasting impression. She let the magazine know she still reflects on how difficult life was for them at a young age and how it put her problems into perspective.

Besides having a heart for children and people in general, Dr. Madhavan is a champion for women.

She’s particularly passionate about those who enter into this male-dominated field. She encourages women to try, try again, and never give up.

She lives by that rule of thumb.

Dr. Madhavan spends most of her time in the office, but she likes to get into the mountain pose on her yoga mat before work. You might also find her walking with her dogs or indulging in an excellent book to center herself for the day.

Key takeaways

Above all, what we learned from the interview is Dr. Asha Madhavan is a dentist who ensures every patient receives individualized care.

She takes the time to get to know the patient as a person. Overall, she genuinely wants the best for all her patients.

So, if you’re ready for a dentist who’ll spend the time you need and help you meet your dental goal, Dr. Madhavan is the one for you!

Get to meet her for yourself by booking an appointment!

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