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Suffer from Dental Fears? Dogtor Ziggy Makes Your Next Visit Anxiety-Free!

We’ve added an exciting new team member to our dental office here in Sammamish, WA! He’s got a very unique and important role.

No – he’s not a new dental specialist or office manager.

It’s our therapy dog, Dogtor Ziggy!

What is a therapy dog?

Dogtor Ziggy is a dental therapy dog, specially trained in helping our patients feel calm and relaxed while in our office.

He’s also darn cute!

What is a dental therapy dog?

Why a dental therapy dog?

Dental anxiety, fear, and nerves are incredibly common.

By some estimates, about 2 out of 3 people in the United States…Opens in a new window to research article… suffer from dental anxiety to some degree.

While many people experience a bit of unpleasant nerves, others are downright terrified of going to the dentist and avoid getting the treatment they need.

This avoidance has serious consequences, as it only makes problems worse and more difficult to treat.

Regular cleanings and check-ups are critical to your long-term health. Preventative care keeps minor issues from becoming serious, painful, and expensive problems down the road.

That’s why helping people feel comfortable in our office is a high priority for us. We do everything possible to make your visit as easy and anxiety-free as possible.

Our team is sensitive and compassionate to these issues, and never want you to feel ashamed of them. Again – it’s super common!

Introducing a dental therapy dog to our practice was the next logical step to go above and beyond for our patients.

And we have to say: Dogtor Ziggy is a huge hit!

If you struggle with dental anxiety, fear, or nerves, Dogtor Ziggy is a master at putting his human friends at ease.

Even patients who don’t have dental anxiety look forward to seeing Ziggy around the office.

To be honest, we love having Dogtor Ziggy around too! He makes our workday more fun and enjoyable, and we genuinely love seeing the way he makes our patients light up with joy.

Proven health benefits

If you’re an animal lover, we don’t have to convince you that pets enrich our lives.

Dogs, in particular, are incredibly loyal and lovable companions.

But that feeling is more than anecdotal. There is strong scientific evidence to support the multitude of positive effects therapy animals have on humans.

Therapy animals:

  • Reduce stress-related physiological indicators, such as blood pressure, cortisol levels, and heart rate
  • Ease fear and anxiety
  • Improve mental and physical health
  • Increase “feel good” hormones in the body, such as oxytocin

What’s an appointment with Dogtor Ziggy like?

Dogtor Ziggy is an expert at keeping you comfortable on your terms.

As a trained therapy dog, Ziggy has an amazingly kind and gentle presence. His personality is known to put even the most nervous children and adults at ease.

Before we start your treatment, you’ll meet Ziggy and get familiar with him.

You decide how you want to interact with Ziggy – you’re always in control.

He can sit next to you, letting you pet and cuddle with him, or he can just hang out in the room if you’d prefer that.

If you decide you want some space from Dogtor Ziggy during your treatment, that’s okay! Just speak up and let us know. Ziggy understands your needs and doesn’t take it personally.

Many patients love cuddling with Dogtor Ziggy because it gives them something “pawsitive” to focus on, rather than what’s going on in their mouth. It helps their treatment fly by quickly.

Even patients who once avoided the dentist may find themselves actually looking forward to their next visit with Dogtor Ziggy!

Dogtor Ziggy gives you something "pawsitive" to focus on.

Is Dogtor Ziggy good with children?

Absolutely! Dogtor Ziggy loves kids.

He’s patient and gentle, not startled by loud noises, and withstands rough handling from younger patients.

What if I’m afraid of dogs or have allergies?

That’s okay! You don’t have to interact with Ziggy at all if you don’t want to.

When he’s not on duty, Ziggy stays in a separate office area, and we have designated “dog-free” zones.

When Ziggy is in the office, we’ll always let you know when you check-in.

If you have severe allergies or other concerns, let us know ahead of time, and we’ll do everything possible to accommodate your needs. We take extra precautions to keep him isolated from you.

Schedule your next appointment with Dogtor Ziggy

We’re incredibly proud to have Dogtor Ziggy as an important member of our team.

Ready to meet Dogtor Ziggy in person? We know it doesn’t take much convincing – one look at his adorable face had our hearts melting too!

Schedule and appointment with Dogtor Ziggy today!

Dogtor Ziggy is available most days we are open.

When you schedule your appointment with us, let us know you’d like him to join you.

If you’re scheduling online, just add a comment requesting his company. We’ll make sure he’s available to see you (along with Dr. Madhavan, of course!).

Dr. Asha Madhavan is an expert dentist you can trust. She’s well-known for her skills and compassionate, personalized touch.

We’re available for early morning, late evening, or Saturday appointments.

Simply click on the button below to schedule an appointment with Dr. Madhavan and Dogtor Ziggy. 

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